Apple Affiliate Program

512 Pixels: “Another angle here to consider is money. Payments made to people linking to apps with affiliate links comes out of Apple’s share of revenue generated by app sales and in-app purchases. How much money it costs them is unknown, but the idea that the reasons behind this move could be financial in nature feels pretty gross. Apple is a for-profit company, and it may have a real bottom-line reason to close this program, but sometimes doing the right thing comes with a cost.”


The Ringer: “MoviePass, the unwieldy utopian subscription service that has captivated casual theatergoers and confounded economists for the past year, has entered its GoFundMe stage. Which is to say, in all probability, its terminal stage. Here, from Friday, is a headline: “MoviePass Temporarily Shut Down Last Night Because They Ran Out of Money.” Here is a movie that you almost certainly did not see via MoviePass this past weekend: Mission: Impossible — Fallout. Here, as always, is a robust hashtag: #moviepassfail. Here is the reality: This was not sustainable. At least not in its current form. But somebody really ought to find a way to sustain it.”