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Should you move to San Francisco?

San Francisco Curbed: “Thinking about making the move to Baghdad by the Bay, the greatest city in the world? The first thing you should know: SF is expensive. Second thing you should know: It’s small. These two factors will play major roles in your decision and life here, should you choose to accept it.”

Apple Affiliate Program

512 Pixels: “Another angle here to consider is money. Payments made to people linking to apps with affiliate links comes out of Apple’s share of revenue generated by app sales and in-app purchases. How much money it costs them is unknown, but the idea that the reasons behind this move could be financial in nature… Continue reading Apple Affiliate Program

Apple $1 Trillion

The New York Times: SAN FRANCISCO — In 1997, Apple was on the ropes. The Silicon Valley pioneer was being decimated by Microsoft and its many partners in the personal-computer market. It had just cut a third of its work force, and it was about 90 days from going broke, Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs,… Continue reading Apple $1 Trillion